Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Since today is April Fool's Day I'm going to list my top ten favorite pranks ideas!

Prank #1: Fake Milk

Mix cornstarch with warm water and set in fridge until cool. Unsuspecting Fool will drink it thinking that it's milk!

Prank #2: Plastic Wrap Door

Cover a doorframe with plastic wrap! Fool will walk through and get tangled up in a plastic mess!

Prank #3: Monster In The Closet

Hide in Fool's closet before they enter the room. Let them be inside the room for a few minutes, then jump out and yell, "April Fools!"

Prank #4: Snack Time

Fill an empty mayonnaise jar with something that looks like mayo, such as greek yogurt. When Fool enters kitchen, take out mayo jar and start eating! Fool will think you are eating mayo! (This can be done in another way too: Give Fool a bowl of "yogurt" that is really mayo!)

Prank #5: Rainbow Hair

Put a few drops of your desired color food coloring into Fool's shampoo. Fool will have colorful hair!

Prank #6: Ghost In The Hallway

Tell your Fool a super scary ghost story before bed. Then, around midnight, get up and start playing creepy music. The Fool will wake up and hear the music. Put a white sheet over your head and barge into the Fool's room. The Fool will be so scared!

Prank #7: Bad Breath

Sprinkle a little garlic powder on the Fool's toothbrush. When Fool brushes his/her teeth, they will get a nasty flavor!

Prank #8: Rise And Shine

Set your Fool's alarm clock so that it is several hours ahead. Fool will wake up early in the morning and start to get ready for the day at 2 am!

Prank #9: Spicy Sandwich

Make Fool a sandwich and put on loads of hot sauce. Fool will beg for a drink, so give he/she Fake Milk (prank number one.)

Prank #10: Cold Cloth

While Fool is sleeping, put a cold, wet washcloth on Fool's neck. Fool will freak out!

Happy Pranking!!!