Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Hello everyone!!

Photography is one of my favorite activities, so of COURSE I was very excited to enter my photos in our county fair. I did very well, and my pictures made it to the state fair!!!! After the last day of the fair, 4-Hers can start taking pictures for their next entry to the fair.

This morning, I took some pictures in hopes that some of them might contribute to next year's photography project.  The sun was just coming up (I'm an early riser); fog was drifting through the air. Also, the spiders must have been busy last night (creepy-crawly! ew!), because the sun caught a ton of beautiful spiderwebs just right.  I got some great pictures!

Here's our first little web- spun between our deck posts!

These little spiders must've been bungee jumping between trees!

This spider had to have gone back to college for his engineering and architect major!!
(Hard to see from the picture, but this web is 3-D!)

The itsy-bitsy spider has some artistic vision...

And I couldn't miss a chance to take a pic of my sweet little kitty.

Hope I've inspired you to take some pictures of your own!