Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tutorial Tuesday: Chalk Paint End Tables (Part One)

I recently inherited two identical end tables from my great-grandfather. They are brown and bland; not my taste! The first time I saw them, I immediately knew that they were crying out for some D.I.Y. magic. The answer? Chalk paint!

Chalk paint is amazing, in a nutshell. No sanding, no stripping, no priming, no preparation whatsoever! Just make sure your piece is clean and dry and you're good to go! I bought my chalk paint from American Paint Company (click here to browse their site!) and it went on like a dream. Just a 4 ounce jar of paint covered both of my tables!

You might notice from the title of this post that is T.T. is a two-parter. Therefore, the 'after' picture above is what the tables look like after I applied the first coat of chalk paint. I applied one coat of white chalk paint first, and then I will paint over the white very lightly with a color of chalk paint and then a clear finishing wax.

For my colors, I'm using (left to right) Purple Mountain Majesty, Beach Glass, and Navajo White. Only Navajo White is used this week.

Here is a picture of the Vintage Antiquing Wax I will use to finish the tables. I got the clear variety.

If you have end tables like mine that you've been wanting to paint, use these tips from this week and next week!

(Note: The directions and supplies below are are specific to this week's tutorial. Also, you can adjust the amount of paint or color of paint based on your project.)

Chalk Paint End Tables


-2 end tables
-1 four-ounce jar American Paint Company Navajo White chalk paint
-1 one-inch paintbrush


Make sure that your tables are clean and dry. Dip your paintbrush lightly in the paint such that the tips of the bristles are covered with paint. Paint your tables with smooth, even strokes; making sure to blend your strokes together. A little of this paint goes a very long way, so use as much of the paint off of your brush as possible before refilling it. Once you have covered your tables in one layer each of paint, allow to dry overnight. 

I hope y'all are looking forward to next week as much as I am! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about the paint, tables, or method of painting.  Happy DIY-ing!