Thursday, May 21, 2015

DIY Colorful Sunburst 4-Panel Wall Art

For all practical purposes, it is summer. The days are hot.  The nights are short. School is *this* close to being out. While all of these things are awesome, my very favorite part of summer is all the color it brings! Think about it: flowers are blooming, grass is green, and everything is bright and happy.

I tried to capture those awesome summer colors in this super-cool, super-easy four-panel wall art.

(Note: Because of the lighting I used to take this photo, the tape used to hold the panels together is very visible. In person, it's not as noticeable.)

DIY Colorful Sunburst 4-Panel Wall Art


-Four pieces of paper, cut into 8 1/2 inch squares
-Sharpie markers
-Scotch tape
-2 clear pushpins


In the center of your paper, draw a small sunburst (a colored-in circle with tight rays around it).

Slightly overlapping with the original sunburst, use a different color to make the sunburst bigger. For a really cool fading kind of look, make the edges of your growing sunburst a bit uneven. Make sure that the new color doesn't clash with the color before it.

Continue this method, using different colors each time, until your square is almost full. Do this on all four squares, using different color patterns each time.

Take two of your panels, with a little bit of room in between, and place two pieces of tape as pictured above so that the panels are connected. Flip the panels over, and place tape on the same places so that there are no sticky parts forward. Repeat on the other two panels.

Repeat the above method so that all four squares are are connected. In the center, the tape should look sort of like a square (pictured above).

Cut two pieces of yarn, about 12-14 inches each, and tape them in an upside-down V on top of each column of panels on the backside.

Hang your panels wherever you like using the two pushpins. Ta-da! Summer-y, colorful wall decor to spruce up any room!

Happy crafting!

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