Thursday, February 20, 2014

DIY Jean Vest

Have you noticed how one of the great up and coming spring trends is the jean vest? I love them; they're so versatile and add a nice splash of chic to almost any outfit.

Here's a great way to look fabulous in your own jean vest while saving CASH!!

DIY Jean Vest

You will need:
-An old jean jacket
-Fabric scissors (found at craft and fabric stores)

Carefully use fabric scissors to cut the arms off of the jean jacket. Be sure to cut as close to the seam as possible without cutting the actual seam. Voila! You have a totally stylish jean vest!

Suggestion: if making this for a child, don't use a jean jacket that still fits well and is used frequently. For my jean vest, I used an old hand-me-down jacket that still fit fine in the width and length, but the arms were too short.

Pair your jean vest with a simple white top and fun-colored shorts for a classic, airy look. My shorts have floral eyelet details that looks really cool and feminine.

 Wear your jean vest over a flowy sundress with bold colors and metallic silver sandals for a tough-but-girly look.

A loose, pleated skirt with a simple floral pattern and a plain tank top look really sweet with the vest. I used the same metallic silver sandals that I wore with the previous fashion. You can wear your vest unbuttoned with this outfit, but I recommend wearing it buttoned about halfway up.

You don't have to copy my outfits to be stylish in this vest. Wear it the way you like, and that's when it'll look the best! Stay stylish!

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