Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Happy Valentine's Day! As you can see, I made some updates on here
for this holiday. Snazzy, huh?

Some people celebrate Valentine's Day by giving their loved ones boxes of candy and flowers and adorable fluffy teddy bears holding squishy hearts and say "I love you!" when you squeeze it's paw, and those things are great, (who doesn't love a big ol' thing of chocolate and a teddy?) but I did something pretty wacky, and I have to say, awesome! 


For those of you who don't know what origami is, it's a Japanese "sculpture" made by folding paper. It's really complex and several times throughout the making of my very first origami that I did this afternoon I found myself saying, "How the heck is this mangled wad of paper supposed to turn into a bird?!"

But it did, and it turned out ADORABLE!! I made a little bird out of light pink paper and drew hearts on the wings with a red pen.

Totally cute, right?

Another winter storm has come. I swear if we get ANY MORE SNOW I will punch something. Maybe I could go outside and punch the snow. Maybe not, it would go POOF  and I get a face full of snow. 
Anyway, with all of the snow days that our local school system has been having, I've been getting creative.  I was outside the other day, trying to make a snowman like every other kid that's outside in the snow. It really wasn't working, so I sat down. I noticed how pretty our neighborhood is in the snow and I was tired from my unsuccessful snowman effort, so just sitting and enjoying the scenery seemed like it would be nice.  I couldn't reach the lawn chairs and everyone else was doing something, so I brainstormed! 

I decided to make a snow couch.

I worked and worked on it, and finally it was to the point where I could sit on it, but it was more of a snow chair than a snow couch. I went outside and finished it a couple days later. Not to brag, but it's pretty darn awesome.

The Marvelous Snow Couch, complete with footstool

Stay warm, everyone!

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