Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What do you get when you mix school with cooking, sewing, and writing a book?

My very busy schedule.

Today I have to do a full day of school, start working on my own original recipe (which I will post as soon as I perfect it!) and get going on sewing my Easter dress. Aaaah! Also, I am getting seriously close to finishing my novel. I've been writing so much these past few days that I have this inky taste in my mouth that won't go away. So far, I have finished nine chapters of my book, which rounds out to a nice even fifty pages. Whoop whoop! That may not sound like much, but I've been writing all this on my typewriter, which means it's single spaced on both sides of the paper.

I'm just a bit proud!  Can you tell?

As soon as my book gets published (cross your fingers!) I will tell you guys all about it!! Writing the book has been surprisingly easy. Whenever I've read thick books I always thought, "Wow! So much hard work and concentration must have gone into this!" But now, after writing a book longer than eight pages, I can seriously respect everything that goes into writing a book. Hats off to any authors in the audience! Whenever I am writing something exciting going on in my story, I always get caught up into it such that I find myself with cramped fingers, a little sweaty, and slightly out of breath. I hope my future readers will enjoy my book!

This book has me very excited, and I am serious when I say it is literally the best thing I've ever written. I've started other stories with intentions to make them into big long books that get published, but I've never followed through with them. It feels so good to be doing this!

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