Friday, December 12, 2014

It's Been Awhile...

Christmas is almost here, and I am definitely in the spirit! Decorations are up, and I've been working on presents since early November. You guys remember that overly demanding school schedule I talked about earlier? Yeah, it's never really left. (So when I don't post on here for a couple weeks, that's usually the reason. I think about you guys often, though!) Being organized about what I'm getting people has seriously saved my life this year!!

I always feel bad when I don't post on here very often, and I seriously do miss it. In order to get into more of a blogging routine, I am starting a new tradition: The Homeschooled Hoosier's Countdown to Christmas! Every day in December up until Christmas I will post something new, whether it be recipes, gift ideas, or fun seasonal crafts.

I will be back tomorrow to kick off the countdown! I can't wait!!

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